James Griffin Romance Cover Art: A Representative List

The following is a representative list of some of the romance novels that have James Griffin’s art as the cover or the cover and stepback. Further details can be seen at jamesgriffinillustration.com. If you know of other Griffin covers or setbacks, let me know in the comments!



Alexandra Hawkins—All Night With a Rogue (2010)

Alexandra Hawkins—Dusk With a Dangerous Duke (2013)

Anna Campbell—Midnight’s Wild Passion (2011)

Anne Weale—The Man from Madrid (2014)

Barbara Wood—Daughter of the Sun (2007)

Betina Krahn—Hero Wanted (2021)

Betina Krahn—White Knight Wanted (2022)

Candace Camp—A Dangerous Man (2012)

Caroline Gray—White Rani (1986)

Cathy Williams—In the Banker’s Bed (2010)

Christina Dodd—A Knight to Remember (2009)

Christina Dodd—Move Heaven and Earth (2009)

Christine Blevins—Midwife of the Blue Ridge (2008)

Christine Blevins—The Turning of Anne Merrick (2012)

Christine Merrill—A Wicked Liaison (2009)

Denise Rosetti—The Flame and the Shadow (2009)

Denise Rosetti—Thief of Light (2009)

Elizabeth Boyle—Something About Emmeline (2009)

Elizabeth Thornton—The Runaway McBride (2009)

Eloisa James—A Duke of Her Own (2009)

Eloisa James—A Kiss at Midnight (2010)

Eloisa James—An Affair Before Christmas (2009)

Eloisa James—The Ugly Duchess (2012)

Eloisa James—When Beauty Tamed the Beast (2011)

Eloisa James—When the Duke Returns (2009)

Evangeline Collins—Her Ladyship’s Companion (2009)

Evangeline Collins—Seven Nights to Forever (2010)

Fern Michaels/JoAnn Ross/Mary Burton/Judy Duarte—Silver Bells (2008)

Gaelen Foley—My Wicked Marquess (2009)

Hope Ramsay—Last Chance Beauty Queen (2012)

Hope Ramsay—Last Chance Book Club (2013)

Jacquie D’Alessandro—Tempted at Midnight (2009)

Jennifer Blake—Golden Fancy

Jennifer Blake—Midnight Waltz (1984)

Jennifer McQuiston—Diary of an Accidental Wallflower (2015)

Jodi Thomas—Betting the Rainbow (2014)

Jodi Thomas—Can’t Stop Believing (2013)

Jodi Thomas—Chance of a Lifetime (2012)

Jodi Thomas—The Comforts of Home (2011)

Jodi Thomas—Just Down the Road (2012)

Jodi Thomas—The Lone Texan (2009)

Jodi Thomas—Somewhere Along the Way (2010)

Jodi Thomas—Tall, Dark, and Texan (2008)

Jodi Thomas—Welcome to Harmony (2010)

Judy Christenberry—When the Lights Went Out (2014)

Julie Anne Long—A Notorious Countess Confesses (2012)

Julie Anne Long—How the Marquess Was Won-(2011)

Julie Anne Long—Since the Surrender (2009)

Laura Lee Guhrke—When the Marquess Met His Match (2013)

Laura Moore—Night Swimming (2007)

Kate Walker—The Spaniard’s Inconvenient Wife (2014)

Kathryn Ross—The Frenchman’s Mistress (2010)

LaVyrle Spencer—Morning Glory (1984)

LaVyrle Spencer—That Camden Summer 

LaVyrle Spencer—Years (1986)

Laura Lee Guhrke—She’s No Princess (2009)

Loretta Chase—Silk Is for Seduction (2011)

Lorraine Heath—Falling Into Bed With a Duke (2015)

Lorraine Heath—Once More, My Darling Rogue (2014)

Mary Burton—The Lightkeeper’s Woman (2012)

Mary Stewart—The Ivy Tree (1984)

Mary Stewart—The Moon Spinners (1984)

Mary Stewart—This Rough Magic

Mary Stewart—Touch Not the Cate (1984)

Melanie Davis—Wild Dawn Fever (1987)

Margo Maguire—Taken by the Laird (2009)

Margo Maguire—The Warrior Laird (2012)

Michelle Marcos—Lessons in Loving a Laird (2012)

Miranda Lee—Sold to the Sheikh (2010)

P. C. Cast—Divine by Blood (2007)

P. C. Cast—Divine by Choice (2006)

P. C. Cast—Divine by Mistake (2006)

Robin Lee Hatcher—Kiss Me, Katie (1996)

Robin Lee Hatcher—Liberty Blue (1995)

Robyn Donald—A Ruthless Passion (2010)

Sandra Madden—The Admiral’s Daughter (2003)

Sarah Morgan—Million-Dollar Love Child (2006)

Sharon Shinn—Heart of Gold (2001)

Sophie Jordan—A Good Debutante’s Guide to Ruin (2014)

Sophie Jordan—How to Lose a Bride in One Night (2013)

Sophie Jordan—One Night With You (2009)

Sophie Jordan—Sins of a Wicked Duke (2009)

Sophie Weston—The Accidental Mistress (2014)

Stacey Kayne—The Gunslinger’s Untamed Bride (2008)

Susan Kay Law—One Lonely Night (1997)

Susan Gee Heino—Damsel in Disguise (2010)

Suzanne Enoch—Always a Scoundrel (2009)

Suzanne Enoch—Sin and Sensibility (2009)

Vicky Dreiling—How to Marry a Duke (2011)

Vicky Dreiling—How to Ravish a Rake (2012)

Vicky Dreiling—How to Seduce a Scoundrel (2011)

Victoria Alexander—The Emperor’s New Clothes (2013)

Victoria Alexander—Secrets of a Proper Lady (2009)


Penny Richards—An Untimely Frost (2016)

Cathy Pegau—Borrowing Death (2016)

Cathy Pegau—Murder on the Last Frontier (2015)

Cathy Pegau—Murder on Location (2017)

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