Kansas City

Set to the tune of “Kansas City” from the musical Oklahoma! CR was held in KC that year, so this was an inevitable song choice! Though I couldn’t attend, I sent this along to my friends, who subjected themselves to singing it.

With apologies to Oscar Hammerstein and Richard Rogers….

I got to Kansas City on a Friday

By Saturday I learned a thing or two

For up to then I didn’t have an idy

Of what Celebrate Romance could go do!

I counted twenty writers sitting at the tables there, almost every time I took a walk.

I sat down at a table with some nice-looking folks, and these strange women started in to talk!

(What next! Yeah, what?)

What next?

Celebrate Romance in Kansas City

We’ve gone about as far as we can go!

We went to Los Angeles and Philadelphia too,

We’ve watched this little conference grow and grow!

Romance is a dream in Kansas City,

It’s better than a magic lantern show!

You can open up a romance whenever you want some heat.

With every type of story, romances can compete.

You can read along as heroes woo and get swept off your feet!

They go about as far as they can go,

(Yes sir!)

They go about as far as they can go!

Celebrate Romance in Kansas City

And watch your friends put on a special show!

They got the famous authors who can give a fancy speech.

For just a bit they will keep you in the know!

The heroines, they are so very pretty,

As round above as they are round below.

We love to read about them, all their joys and their distress

But later in the novel, when things don’t look their best,

We know the author will make things look up and go with zest,

She goes about as far as she can go,

(Yes sir!)

She goes about as far as she can go!

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