A Fine Romance

Set to the tune of “A Fine Romance” from the Astaire and Rogers favorite, Swing Time

With deep apologies to Dorothy Fields and Jerome Kern….

A fine romance, with lots of kisses

A fine romance, my friend this is

We love to read about the heroes and seducers

And we love to meet here with the movie producers

A fine romance, it’s so special

A fine romance, with it we’ll nestle

I don’t want to play bridge

With my elderly aunt

That doesn’t have a chance

When there’s a fine romance

A fine romance, my good friends here

We’ll take romance, we’re truly sincere

We read about the men with

Their abject devotion

We love it when they break down

And express emotion

A fine romance with some quarrels

A few insults and lost morals

Our hero shouldn’t muss the crease

In his tight pants

Whenever we get the chance

We read a fine romance

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